ExO Inspire

The ExO Inspire Workshop is a 2 day Leadership program that allows teams to assess the adaptability of their organizations and introduces ExO methodologies and frameworks.

Awaken Your Organization

The ExO Inspire establishes an awareness of ExO Works methodologies, frameworks and group-work while introducing emerging market trends.

Each session is fully customized and carefully curated to adhere to your organization. The delivery team is hand-selected, consisting of individuals from the ExO Works core team and members of our extended ExO Ecosystem of coaches, disruptors and industry specialists.

Awake Session

Keynote delivering a powerful based understanding of exponential technologies, the 4th Industrial Revolution and core components of Exponential Organizations movement.

Exponential Technologies Exercise

A customized and facilitated exercise on which technologies will disrupt your industry in the short and medium terms and what risks/opportunities are presented.

ExO Fundamentals Presentation

A member of the ExO Works core team will outline ExO methodologies including our approach to developing Core and Edge initiatives.

ExO Application Methodology Exercise

Your participants will define a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and identify: approaches to making your company more adaptable, creating new scalable ExO’s and the top more applicable exponential attributes to support these approaches.

ExO Debrief, Conclusions and Next Steps

A key component is a facilitated wrap up discussion to identify the “what nows?” At this stage leadership teams are typically aware significant change and focus on innovation is needed

“Work meetings today are completely transformed. People are proposing new things, speaking with a totally different mindset and with an exponential and disruptive vision. The change is impressive.”

– Yolanda Ortiz – Business Development Director, Ike Asistencia

Expected outcomes

Leadership teams who invest 1-2 days in an ExO Inspire will be far more prepared to face the significant changes coming at them fast with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Common Language

Your leadership team will have a common language to use around exponential technologies and innovation.

ExO Fundamentals

Participants will have a good basic understanding of ExO fundamentals and their application.

ExO Fundamentals

Participants will have a good basic understanding of ExO fundamentals and their application.

Accelerate innovation

You will have access to our network of hundreds of leaders and practitioners in disruptive technologies, corporate incubation, entrepreneurship and new funding models.