ExO Platform Ecosystem Director

Job description

ExO Works’ purpose is global transformation of business in order to help those to adapt themselves to the fourth industrial revolution. In order to successfully transform organizations, institutions and people we are building a global ExO Ecosystem to provide its clients with all the players that are needed during the transformation process.

The ExO Ecosystem includes includes thought leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations that assist clients on the transformation journey. It’s still concrete but doesn’t reveal as much as the previous version.

This position primarily involves defining and implementing strategies to further develop the ExO Ecosystem. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about innovation ecosystems, exponential technologies and exponential organizations, an experienced professional with passion and special skills for community building.

ExO Platform Ecosystem Strategy:

  • Co-defining strategy for the ExO Ecosystem and its respective Hubs (sub communities) in coordination with the leadership team, Services and Content directors.
  • Developing a commercial model to underpin the Ecosystem strategy and coordinating with the CFO to ensure fair exchange of value within the ExO Ecosystem.
  • Development and continuous improvement of the ExO Ecosystem Hubs in alignment with the strategy and based on feedback from the respective Hubs and the overall market situation.


  • Playing an active external role in attracting new members for the ExO Ecosystem.
  • Coordinate with the rest of the team to reach/screen relevant people/entities within the respective hubs (especially marketing, services director and sales/growth director/officer).
  • Taking part in conference, networking events and other outreach opportunities and conducting in-person as well as virtual presentations to promote the ExO Ecosystem.


  • Conducting onboarding webinars and helping new ecosystem members to quickly orientate with the ExO Ecosystem and find the most relevant Hubs in line with their interests and overall needs/opportunities within the Ecosystem.
  • Ensuring the ExO Ecosystem onboarding practices are continuously developed to fulfill their purpose.


  • Ensure the respective ExO Ecosystem members receive continuous value from their engagement and investment of time and resources.
  • Monitor engagement statistics and work with the Content Director, Certification director and Community Manager to increase attractiveness of the ExO Ecosystem towards its members and continuous improvement of provided services.

ExO Ecosystem Platform:

  • Gathering feedback from the ExO Ecosystem and coordinating to improve the system to better serve respective members.

Ideal profile/experience

  • Passionate about ExO, humanity, exponential technologies and creating a better future.
  • Excellent knowledge of the ExO Methodology and other innovation methodologies (Lean, design thinking, etc.).
  • Familiarity with broad range of key exponential and disruptive trends.
  • Ability to empathize and relate with corporate, entrepreneurial, institutional audiences as well as individual ecosystem members.
  • Independent, entrepreneurial, dependable team player with strong integrity and ability to manage agreed commitments and deliver against deadlines.
  • Good organizational, project management and time-management skills.
  • Ability to rapidly learn what is needed, grow with the role and develop the role itself.
  • Past experience in building lively communities and driving their strategic development.
  • Perfect command of spoken and written English.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Based in (or with the possibility to move / travel very often to) Spain/Europe.

Key next focus areas

  • Formulate initial ExO Platform Ecosystem strategy with focus on priority Hubs (Consultants, Speakers, Coaches/Head Coaches, Agents, Trainers, end clients and Delivery partners.
  • Capture learning from the current ExO Network Director.
  • Conduct interviews with the current members/entities within the priority Hubs.
  • Plan 2018

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